Yes, we can all book our own travel online…but some adventures benefit from letting someone else keep 100 tabs open in their browser.  And let’s be honest, not everyone has the time, or desire, to spend all that time googling!

Maybe your too busy to plan this particular trip, or have never traveled solo, or just want a logistics stress free vacation. You might have a strict budget and don’t know how to make it work with where you want to go, or a dietary restriction/allergy that makes traveling daunting.

This is where my personalized travel planning comes in- let me save you time and help create some amazing memories with a customized adventure.


I have over 10 years of professional travel industry experience and 16 years of traveling the world as much as I can (36 countries and 6 continents). I have spent 10,000+ hours obsessively travel planning & researching for my own past and future trips.

You will benefit from combination of my experience from own travels, my research archives, my network of other travelers and my addiction to travel blogs, forums and Tripadvisor.

I have a passion for adventure travel, trekking/hiking/nature, off the beaten path and oddity locations, and blending sightseeing with authentic experiences. I want to share how to really get the most out of the time you have to travel, and go beyond the ‘instagram-worthy’ locations.


  1. Contact me via the travel questionnaire or email – this will give me the basic information of your desired trip. We can also connect in an online meeting of your choice (WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom etc).

  2. From this initial information I will be able to quote you a planning fee.

  3. Once the fee is paid I will work on your trip, coming back to you frequently to make sure we are on the right path! Options will be presented and we will fine-tune your adventure.

  4. Your final itinerary will be based on our consultation, your travel style, goals, interests, budget and time. I will book as many aspects of your trip as desired and/or provide you the links to self-book.

  5. Once complete you will get beautiful e-documents with a plethora of information for your trip, accessible while on the go!

Trip types could range from as simple as flights + a small-group tour or a hotel OR as complicated as a 21 day trip across Peru overlanding by bus, joining small tours and hiking mountains! Or maybe you want the best route to self-drive through the Yucatan in Mexico, and finish up cocktail in hand on small car-free beach island? We can make that happen.

Your final docs could include:  Your day by day itinerary, a personalized Google Maps with dining recommendations, transport information/options – (taking out all the guess work of how you get to that first hotel from the airport, or the best public bus to the pyramids outside Mexico city) , a summary of key destination information (currency, money exchange, power converters needed etc), and much more!



I understand that everyone has different expectations, desires and budgets for their travel and I will ALWAYS honor what is best for YOUR trip and travel style – whether that is providing you an itinerary with the information and links to self-book, or assisting you with the reservations.

I am a licensed travel advisor and can absolutely book portions of the trip for you- if it suits your needs. Rest assured I am not driven by any preferred suppliers/vendors and will always be putting your trip first.

I can research and/or book: Hotels, activities, small group tours, speciality cruises (Antarctica, River, Europe etc)

FLIGHTS: I will research these for you to find the best options, and provide links,  but the booking process will be handled by you directly with the airline.

I also provide a points & miles concierge service – got credit card or airline miles you want to maximize? I’ve flown business class enough times for (basically) free on points & miles that I know my way around how to find them. Creative award travel is my passion! Note, these will also need to be booked directly by you through your points program, but I will guide you through the process!



RESERVATIONS for Flight/Train/Bus See above – I’ll do the research but can’t make the reservation at this time.

Travel with small children
Family travel is outside of my expertise, so you’d get a better experience working with someone who specializes in families. If your children are in their teens and the travel style does not have to be adapted from that of an adult, I am happy to accommodate.

I will provide a link to an external platform that you can use to review visa requirements but the responsibility to obtain visas is yours.



That depends. My travel planning fees start at $99 and will vary depending on the type of trip and duration. The fee will be quoted after we go through our initial questionnaire/consult!

There may be some trips which do not involve a fee