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Personalized itineraries & comprehensive travel planning for your next adventure ✈ 🌎

Travel Planning Services

Why use my services?

You’ll get a highly personalized custom itinerary/trip plan for your adventure – as little or as much as you need! You’ll save hours of research you may not have time (or desire) to do, and I’ll always customize to your travel goals, style and budget. I’m not just trying to sell you a booking, I’m helping you craft an experience.

What kind of adventures?

Almost any!!! From a long weekend away to a 4 week traverse through Africa. There are a few things that are not my speciality. I am not your ideal match for family travel & am not experienced with Disney or Caribbean cruises. If I don’t think I can give you exactly the kind of trip you desire, I’ll always be up front and let you know after our consult.

How am I qualified?

I’ve visited 36 countries & 6 continents. I’ve traveled as a budget traveler, a couple, solo, girls trips, small-groups, luxury, mid-range; by plane, train, bus, felucca, private yacht, roadtrips, 4X4 camper. I’ve also had 10+ years professional experience in the travel industry prior to setting up Passports & Polaroids.

Previous Trips

Some examples of adventures I have planned and booked.



30 days through 5 African countries via self-drive and camp, small group tour bus with camping and both private mid-tier & luxury safari.


A magical 2 weeks driving around Iceland in a 4×4 camper, including some of the highlands. Hiking, hot springs and adventure activities!


3 weeks from Lima to Nazca, Arequipa and the Colca Canyon, Lake Tititcaca on to the Inca Trail and finishing in the Amazon jungle. Featuring buses, flights, small group tours for trekking and Amazon lodges!

About Passports & Polaroids

I am an Australian who’s been trying to see as much of the world as I can since 2007. I have over 10 years of professional travel industry experience, and currently live in New York City.
I have started Passports & Polaroids trip planning to help others make their own adventures happen (and to put to use all of my “I’ll go there one day..” planning!) I’ve visited 6 continents (with the 7th coming up end of 2023!), and 36 countries. I’ve hiked to Machu Picchu, slept in a tent in the delta of Botswana, driven a 4×4 across Namibia, stood inside the Great Pyramid of Giza and felt the warmth from an active erupting volcano in Iceland.